In the midst of the chaos of the world these last days, especially the threat of trade war (starting between the United States and China) which is certain to change the configuration of the world in various dimensions, we together – even the citizens of the world – actually face a common enemy, the most dangerous of all the enemies that are, the strongest – even almost untouchable – and there is no precedent in history. More aggravating, the enemy is intangible, immaterial, and powerful: the appearance (audial and visual) is so good, fun (leisurely and entertaining) that even the world massively agrees with its extraordinary functions and benefits. This is ang-e (vi) l, the devil cum angel of modern posts with the most popular names throughout human history: the Internet.

Sorry … if you react immediately if I am overdoing it, it is very possible. Fair assessment. But that doesn’t make me cancel the above constellation, or write this kind of warning. Not only because later we began to realize how the fake news hoaxes spread by social media were able to create not only mass riots but also social segregation that even threatened the existence of a nation (state).

In the case of Cambridge Analytic which was behind the horrendous Europe and the United States, the data processing company was able to (and has) compiled a psychological profile, not 50 million as quoted by many media, but 250 million people only in the United States. By merely utilizing the “Like” feature on Facebook, the compiled profile can not only tell us (also certain interests) sensitive information from users, ranging from sexual tendencies, intelligence levels, forms of our parent relationships, trauma to our lives, to of course preferences our politics.

Nor is it because some governments and communities in some parts of the developed world are beginning to realize how algorithms are engineered and owned – say – Facebook can influence the results of past United States Elections or brexit referendums in Britain. Or Google, as well as the Big Data algorithm obtained / grasped, can determine not only the type of film or song we like, but also the design to the fashion brand of our choice, food, furniture, electronic equipment, high school goals, even the color of the inside we. What is a further consequence of that, not only are we subject to corporate commercial-business exploitation, but also social self-immolation to our personal existence.

More … but more than that. In a graphical comparison reported by the Pinterest site, Google has everything (the basis of establishment, work methods and mechanisms to its ultimate goal) which is not exactly the same, parallel with Skynet, an up-to-date, Internet-based technology, which is essentially mass destruction of enemies the enemy he wants. The super-sophisticated virtual weapons system that also controls all the world’s best physical arsenal, is indeed a sci-fi from in-depth research based on reality in the Terminator series. But Elon Musk, one of the technologists, a genius in the matter of Artificial Intelligence (AI), founder of SpaceX, Tesla Motor and Paypal with a wealth of not less than Rp 200 trillion, positioned Skynet as the reason or the strongest cause of the dystopian world in the future.

But apparently don’t get me wrong: Google, combined with Facebook, Twitter, Instragram and even 980,000,000 websites on the Internet turned out to be just a surface or say a tiny peak from Iceberg mountain from what we call virtual world, the Internet itself. There is still another part of the world, the Deep Web, along with Dark Side or Dark Web as its darkest part, which is the main body of the Internet mountain. Capacity? In terms of content (content), some people say 50,000% more than the surface (Google CS). In statistical terms, if all the surfaces we use everyday and make the brain and mind (natural hardware and software in us) explode because the data that can be raised ranges from 19 TB capacity (Terabita, where 1 tera equal 1 trillion bytes), Deep The web has at least 7,500 TB in its body, with an unlimited number of websites. None of them can be tracked by search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.

Anything in the “bottomless well”; what can he do to us and the world; what then might happen; to us as individuals, even nations of the earth?

Dark Web Grip

Comprehensively there is no answer to that. Partially, many experts and institutions have tried to calculate and describe it. Anatomically the contents of the Deep Web, especially Dark Web (the bottom layer of the Deep Web) does not come out of all things that are considered “black” or criminal, especially those that are destructive ones but in other parts it was also financially profitable. In this dark world, black markets, especially drug trafficking, botnets (operations corrupting sites on the Internet), fraudsters (fraud by scaming etc.), phishing (forgery of personal / agency accounts), bitcoin, hitman, with various leaks, terrorists (with 50,000 groups in it), human trafficking to pornography for all classes as well as age.

Financially, the Silk Road (silkroad), which has become a kind of platform in the black drug market, can produce not less than 1.2 billion US dollars a year, equivalent to approximately Rp. 15 trillion a year. Not to mention the black trade, not only humans but also human-clones (for certain needs) that are rife there. If you want to use the services of the world, everything is cheap. Asking the services of the hitman with personal goals is enough for 20,000 US dollars, if the important person directed can be 100,000 US dollars. If you need someone’s medical data, 1 dollar is enough. Make a fake Facebook account with 15 friends, 1 dollar too. Make spam for 5,000 emails, only 50 dollars. Faking credit cards, depending on the value of counterfeiting, can be 60 dollars, but 25 cents can also.

If Google is able to make us all naked, where all of our privacy data can be accessed by at least 1.9 billion people in the world, with Dark Web even all of our body’s innards have been mapped, not just body temperature, broken kidneys or diabetes We suffer, open like a medical record that is kept secret in the hospital. If Google with its written requirements (terms and conditions) that are almost never read has the right to disseminate the user’s personal data (article 2.1) and even disconnect our account if we are known to lie or input fake data (article 4.4.), Dark Web can provide services to anyone, corporations, intelligence services to any country, all data on the population of a country for certain purposes.

If Google with maps such as providing free services to thieves and kidnappers, and to follow our movements per second every day he has installed 30 million cameras only in the United States, can you imagine what information Dark Web can sell on radicalists and terrorists. You can imagine what the real world has been and capable of doing to us, so that it is not only the present, the future, even our past can they be engineered. Human space and time are in its grip.

‘New God’ Threat

The actual exposition is concise above, I think it is enough to give a strong illustration if humans in this present period are no longer sovereign in themselves. Even to question his own humanity. We are not enough to just accuse capitalism, democracy, totalitarianism and all political, economic, technological and scientific regimes and even religion as the cause of dehumanization which has become increasingly acute in the past decades.

The words of the magic alm. Stephen Hawking that “philosophy is dead” becomes meaningless if the answer is science, especially in astro-physics as true truth-seeking. But because philosophy and even science don’t have the capacity to define anything: humans and their times. All have been sophisticated and exact, through the algorithm of the computational world, carried out by the uncompressed world above. Where even the country has difficulties to overcome the risks or consequences, especially to face the alias to fight it.

What’s on the surface, in the material world, even sophisticated advances in the fields of neurons and silicones (the two most important foundations of this era), let’s say bio-genetic advances (making humans young, for example) or bio-technologies that give birth to AI, are not nothing when the regulatory system is in the hands of parties that are invisible and unindentiated. Data and processing systems are now like becoming “new gods”, replacing capital, in the form of gold, money, or political power which soon became primitive at this time.

“New God” can only be touched or owned by a handful of humans. Those who are able to operate the TOR (The Onion Router), a kind of software that makes its users anonymous and has a kind of “legality” enters the Deep Web. Maybe only one or two countries, say Russia or the United States, especially with its Security National Agency (NSA), which is able to surf in the dark world and use it. But they were only able to touch the skin.

The rest is dark. Deep and dark wells. One symbol or aphorism which in human history is always avoided because it destroys humans and their civilization. But in reality he is now so constitutive in ensuring that life continues in this mortal world. Not towards positive, glory taught by science, religion and culture, but on the contrary: towards massive destruction of civilization and even totality.

Does this kind of threat not make us vigilant, rather than for example a climate disaster, an asteroid in space, an economy that creates slavery, even a very deadly nuclear war? Again, this threat is not visible, even if it can be seen as an attractive, beautiful angel. We are stunned and anesthetized by it. Then do we let us finally forget? That we are human. That we have power that we ourselves cannot guess?

That it turns out that there is also a more desisive and constitutive (supra) force outside us? That our natural destiny turns out to be aware of that belief too? On the other hand, it turns out that we are still preoccupied with soap operas that damage common sense, false news about ketengan, intimidation of cheap politicians, ambition of power that chases coins, or the frivolity of v-blogs and the desire to become celebrities. Then where is the future? Where should we bring ourselves, how, what is the capital, and so on.

Sorry, I can’t or don’t feel the need to answer that. I am busy, collecting portfolios for the following period of my position, looking for supporting political parties, nutrition from donors, as well … of course the latest tips to pass OTT (Operasi Tangkap Tangan, hand catch in corruption operation). Greetings, elite.